Friday, March 22, 2013

Virtual Runs

When you first start running all the beginner articles and books tell you to sign up for a race. Give yourself a goal, something to aspire to. Good advice, goals are important.

I seem to bail on myself a lot. If time is short and I have to choose between doing for me or doing for someone else... I get stood up. Sure fire way to stick to running? Run for charity. Race for charity. Good plan.

So I have a goal, I have a plan. I will run at least one race a month every month for 2013. I will run every local Empire Cup race I am in town for. I will donate $1 a mile for every mile raced to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

I live in Alaska, racing isn't big here in January or February. Nordic skiing is, but I am so not coordinated enough. Maybe I will share my nordictrak accident one day, but probably not. So what to do?

Virtual Runs to the rescue. Some have a nominal fee, I always choose the ones where a portion goes to charity, if there is a medal too....... I am so there. There are also the free ones, 5kAnywhere anyone? I think these virtual runs may be slightly addictive.   I have 3 on my plate over the next month, not to mention the local runs. This weekend I am running the 2nd Annual Anywhere5k and the Bunny Hop 10k, there is still time to register for either one. Both sites have more runs coming up too.

I am finding my race calendar is filling up fast. The next two months have me racing every weekend. I think I might have doubled up a couple too. I am going to need more room for my bibs and bling.
Have a great weekend! Enjoy the run!

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