Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Calendars, races & goals

I love filling up my monthly calendar with races. I feel so accomplished and athletic. Who would have thought?

Last month there was only one local race and I was slated to be out of town, so I signed up for 3 virtual races. Not just one, but 3 and I ran them all. Picked up some new bling and bibs.  While I may not have racked up huge mileage, I did rack up some major self esteem points.
Funny thing happened while I was filling my March calendar. I discovered that the cut and color I have been waiting 3 months for, it is the same day as a race. So like any busy self aware woman, I had to make a choice. Sadly, my hair got waitlisted and my roots will have to make do with L'Oreal for another 3 months. But a girl's gotta run. Who wouldn't rather run 5 miles uphill?
There may not be any bling races this month. But I will be running my first race over a 5k for the year. I will also be running my first non-virtual (dare I say real life) race. I did run the Les Williams Memorial 5k in January, awesome, with others. But it had a virtual component, what with all those amazing people across the globe running and walking with us. I hope they have a old parent section for the 10k. It is a fundraiser for the track team and I am worried about getting trampled.
I am terribly ambitious, so I have set 3 goals for myself.

#1 Finish
#2 Don't finish last

#3 PR


March Line Up


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