Thursday, March 14, 2013

Added a name to my racing jersey today

This last Sunday I got an email from the IT Manager of my work informing us that he is taking a 90 day leave of absence to deal with his Pancreatic Cancer. Now I really don't know what the pancreas is or what it even does for certain. But I get the gist of Cancer. It Sucks!

I think of all the dreams I had growing up. I think about all those things I still want to accomplish. My dreams for my children, their dreams and goals. What my grandbabies want to be when they grow up. Guess what? Odds are greater we will get cancer than accomplish those things.

I call BS, I say F* Cancer!

I added Dave's name to my racing jersey today. I am my sister's runner, but that doesn't mean I don't run for my brothers too.  On the right side of my blog is a big orange button that says "donate now". Don't push it yet. That button will take you to a fundraising page for My Sister's Runner team. No money goes to me or through me, it is all directly sent to Stand Up 2 Cancer. For a donation of $25 I will put the name of whomever you would like to honor on my racing jersey for the whole year. I am attaching ribbons with the names to the back, so I can wash without dorking up the names. I am also hoping to grab attention for cancer research by looking like a superhero with all these mini capes flapping in the wind.

Still don't push yet. There is another option. You can join the team. Run where you are. Run races to raise awareness for cancer research. Design a page and get others to donate if you would like. Or donate per training mile and racing mile. Do what your heart and pocket book allow.

Ok, push it now! Still thinking? I have 2 sons, 4 daughters, 3 sisters, a mother, father and husband. 2 of the men and 3 of the women in my life will get cancer. My sister and mother already have.

1:2 men

1:3 women


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