Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trail Running

My house from the trail last spring

Last night I did it, I took my first tentative strides of the year toward off road adventure of the year. I went trail running. To be honest in the interest of staying upright there was a fair amount of walking.

It started off as any regular week night run. Dega and I trotting along in some freshly fallen slush. Next thing I know my crazy feet are taking me to the banks of the Mendenhall River in the shade of the Tongass National Forest. The slush gave the trail a bit more traction than a few days ago. The previous rain and freeze had left the packed snow more suitable for bum skating than running.

Did you know you can get a cramp in the arch of your foot? I didn't before, but thanks to the mini "potholes" in the snow now I do. The trail was very lumpy and bumpy with just enough slick to make this terminal klutz question whether it might not be better to just slide home on my bum. Dega could channel his inner sled dog.

While I did not do the mileage I had planned, I think I did the time. Not sure somewhere along the run my Garmin ran out of juice. I think it may be a bit early for this girl to be a regular on the trails, I really can't afford to be sidelined because I have delusions of athletic prowess. I committed to run a race every month in 2013 for cancer, for my sister.  

I think my downfall was seeing all these great spring postings. Amazing views pumping up the joys of a trail run. I felt inspired. Excited. I am fortunate enough to live in a National Forest, seriously on two sides of my yard there are signs marking the boundary. There are paths that connect to the trails on both sides. I cannot tell you how cool it was to come out of the trees into my back yard. It was like being a little kid again descending from the "woods" of the vacant lot next door.

While I may not be hitting the trail again tonight, I think I may be hitting them again sooner than later. I live in an amazing place. I have the luxury of having trails right outside my door. Who wouldn't want to run them? Besides, Dega doesn't have to be on leash back there. Just gotta watch out for black bears. Ahh Spring can't come too soon.  

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