Monday, March 11, 2013

Middle aged running partner

When you get to be my age runners fit into generally one of two groups

#1 Lifetime Athletes - This group has run 5 days a week since high school. They rack up mileage like my kids stream data. They have a 10k pr that looks more like my 5k.

#2 Runfors - This group is more common. They run for the bathroom, for the buffet, for the sales table. This is also that group that I am a former member of, think I still have my membership card.  

So what is a relative newbie like myself to do? I had a running partner for a bit, but our schedules stopped meshing.

I found a new running partner, Dega, my dog. He doesn't expect me to hold an intelligent conversation. There are no awkward silences while I try and catch my breath.  That leash around my waist keeps him from out distancing me, or putting me into cardiac arrest trying to keep up. At the end of a tiring long run I can always count on him to pull me home.

He does want to stop a lot when we head out, but the leash works there too. I keep it short and keep moving. He is learning potty breaks are when he is off leash at home. I think I might keep the leash even if I find a human running partner... hmm