Thursday, February 14, 2013

Training plans ???

No running today. I planned ahead for the travel and ran yesterday. I am sticking to this 10k training plan. But if it doesn’t get me on the road more than 3 days a week soon, I may bag it. There is a 10k March 30th I plan to run, and I really want to finish strong. Which is why I am doing this training. But I feel like it may be not a good fit for me. I really am itching to get more miles in. On the flip side I am pushing myself harder when I do get to run.

Maybe as a newbie I am not ready for the formal training plan. I am still impressed I can keep one foot pounding in front of the other for up to an hour at a time, ok the hour I have only done once. But still impressive. I get a thrill from that forward momentum, why should I limit myself to 3 days a week at a distance of some plan. Honestly my last 2 runs were longer because I couldn’t run for less than 30 minutes.

Or possibly more likely is my distaste of rules and structure. Maybe that is why I waited until after 40 to run my first mile, ever. Quite possibly the key to the plan is to use it to push me. Post the rules knowing I will have to break them. I can’t do less because running is making me feel whole. So I must do more. Which leads me to doing more than I ever thought I could…

To be fair this is only week 2 of the training plan, so it remains to be seen what my feelings will be further into the plan. It is a beginner plan, maybe it was written for someone with less than 3 months of steady running under their tights. But I am certainly not intermediate, even my fantasies won’t embrace that.

So I will keep you posted. But please feel free to give me some input as to your own training plan experience. I am running solo here, and often can get lost in my own head. While the garden is beautiful, the weeds tend to take over from time to time.

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