Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Balancing Act

Changing up my training again. This is my first week of Triathlon training. I will be continuing the 10k training as well, just adding in beginning swimming and cycling. I will be adding to my cancer contributions as well, training money for bike miles and swim meters.

All these training plans brings me to the realization I need to learn to manage my time better. So many hats to wear: wife, mother, employee, athlete and woman. I need all of them to feel whole, I just need to learn how to balance them so no one feels shorted including me.

I learned the hard way this past year that training is vital to my well being. When we brought Addie home I stopped training. She was too little to leave home with the boys. The boys weren't ready to be babysitters. When the fishing season was over Billy was the stay at home parent, not his bliss and I needed to be there to support him in the evenings. My health deteriorated and so did my self worth.

A year later and I am just climbing out of the frumpy dumps. I know that I need to train and move to be the best me I can. And my family deserves that. My children need me to set an example of healthy living full of veggies and exercise. Billy is coming out of retirement for the year, getting a boost doing what he does best. Although he is an awesome fisherman too.

I can go to bed earlier and get up earlier, swim before work. Family night at the pool on Fridays. Bike after work, when the roads clear a bit more family bike rides would be awesome. After all the point is to finish the triathlon, so any biking is better than none.

But my runs, those will still be just for me. After all we all deserve a little time alone.

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